that you may have certainty








the way of wisdom

depend upon me

Strengthened by Promises

consider your ways

The power of the gospel fellowship

Loving Relationships at work

work of the norfolk rescue mission

refreshed by Fellowship

hope in the hebel

the fight

the most difficult job in minstry

encouraging fellowship 

Colossians 4:7-11

June 24, 2018

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Walking in wisdom

remembering and considering the Life of Adoniram judson

work in the name of the lord Jesus

loving your family in the name of the Lord jesus

the ministry and witness of the church

the defining characteristic of the church

christ, our all in all

kill your sin

Raised with christ

dying with Christ

The triumph of the death of christ

our tendency to be Captured

walk this way

the gospel minister's great struggle

the gospel ministry

the hope of the gospel

The Supremacy of Christ


A Prayer for the Church

The Story of Every True Church

Pray to him